Learning Made Easy


To extend, enhance, enable students for a lifelong learning

Our Mission

To impart learning in bright, vibrant, knowledgeable, colorful, fun filled and a friendly environment


  1. To provide a platform for an extended and continued learning
  2. To provide a platform for an interactive learning and knowledge sharing
  3. To provide a platform of self-learning environment amongst students
  4. To provide a platform for communication between students, teachers and administration
  5. To make the best use of available technology and provide a fair opportunity for all to learn succeed.

Portal Highlights

  • Use of latest technologies to provide a cost effective continued learning platform
  • Video conferencing, networking, Wireless technologies, content sharing/management, Cloud services, presence management, secured administration.
  • Real-time content upload and download
  • Video broadcast and capture
  • Online editing and upload facility
  • Instant notification to all the concerned on content update
  • Students, teachers and admin staff user profiles
  • Tools for assessment and evaluation of students and teachers performances
  • Advanced administration and system customization tools
  • Content management
  • User groups management for content access
  • E-mail, chat, blogs, wiki, Discussion forum, college notice boards
  • Easier to monitor progress
  • Less administrative work
  • Can be more precise
  • Is accessible from anywhere
  • Facilitates Interactive and collaborative learning amongst students and teachers
  • Common shared repository of the content available for all teachers and students
  • Central control of content
  • Same quality of content for all
  • Same quality of education for all
  • Easier to understand & more engaging
  • Repeatable
  • One can view the content as many times as one likes
  • Provide platform for Discussion on forum amongst the students and teachers.
  • Web Conferencing
    • The platform provide web conferencing for distance learning.
    • College notice board
    • Inter collegial events, Exams section, Administrative notifications, college calendar
  • Feedback
    • Provides platform for Feedback about class/lecture
    • Networking within school campus
    • Staff, Students and Admin staff whereabouts – Presence management
  • Staff-Students and Students-Students - online interaction while learning
    • Enabling self learning environment amongst the students
    • Information sharing within groups (videos , files)
    • School/House events notification t
  • Activity streams
  • Blogs
  • Wiki's
  • Discussion boards
  • News letters
  • Message boards
  • Industry updates
  • Technology trends
  • Exposure to various career options after passing out of the school
  • Exposure to the courses and training material for preparation
  • Internship information
  • Skill-gap evaluation
  • Workshops
  • Campus training activities
  • Alumni column