Wireless Devices

Device Engineering

We Provide Electrical and SW engineering services to chipset vendors, OEM/ODMs in developing the reference design for their chipsets and solutions

Product Engineering Service

  • End to End product development Services – Architecting, Designing, implementation, Validation, product acceptance to Pilot Production and product Maintenance services.
  • Covers ID, Mech, Electrical and SW product engineering services
  • SW covers – Device drivers, Integrating middleware components, Development of custom widgets, application development and customization of UI stack.
  • Image Processing – Expertise in design and development of Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Random Forest) algorithms.
  • Expertise in Sobel, Canny Edge Detection, Morphological Operations, Image Segmentation, Histogram Analysis, CLAHE, Adaptive Thresholding, Hough Lines, Otsu Thresholding, Face Detection, Lane detection, Eye ball tracking & Gaze Detection, OpenCV, Leptonica
  • Projects executed – Camera Calibrations, Bar Code libraries integration and Detection, Object detection, tracking and classification using ML and DL.

Offerings to OEMs/ODMs/R&D Orgs/Distributors

  • Enhancing the Android mobile platform to support 3G/CDMA networks
  • Validation of the Android to support the 3G/CDMA technologies
  • Internationalization of the Android UI platform
  • Android UI Customization
  • Integrating the Operator/OEM specific apps
  • Brand customization
  • Custom build widgets
  • Android Application Development
  • New application development meeting Operator/OEM requirements
  • Porting of the Non Android apps (iphone, Windows apps ..) on Android platform.
  • Android Data Synchronization
  • Microsoft Exchange, Web services, PC backup etc..
  • Testing
  • End to end phone system testing
  • Field testing, IOT, CA testing
  • Consulting - To enable customer to make right choice of products for the identified target market
  • Product & market segmentation
  • Product roadmap
  • Technology roadmaps
  • Feature roadmaps
  • Chipset vendor selection
  • ODM selection
  • Customers/User expectations
  • Operators roadmaps and their device needs
  • Testing - To enable customer to launch phones in the target market
  • Reliability and Simulated life test of the mobile handsets
  • System testing of SW applications and accessories
  • Field tests on pre-defined drive routes
  • Inter Operability Testing (IOT) – Roaming, VAS, Browser, Messaging, System Determination & performance
Product Definition
  • Defining product requirement
  • Feature design – Detailing functional requirements
  • User interaction specifications

SW Customizations
  • UI – Customization
  • User experience
  • VAS – applications testing and customization
Industrial Design of the phone (ID)
  • ID definition
  • ID mock up
  • ID Surface Design
  • ID-Mech-Elect Convergence
  • Mechanical Design of the phone
  • ID-Mech-Elect convergence: Defining the Inter functional platform (IFP)
  • Mech Design
  • Soft tooling
  • Mech – BOM management
  • Testing and defect analysis
  • Hard Tooling
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Packaging Design

Electrical Engineering of the phone
  • Electrical schematics
  • HW-SW interface definition
  • Engineering evaluation of components
  • BOM management
  • Component placement, routing and CAD
  • Tapeout
  • Manufacturing support
  • Design Verification testing
  • Certification testing
  • SW engineering of the phone
  • Base port – Board bring up
  • Middleware and platform porting
  • Application development
  • Testing
  • System Testing of the phone
  • Per-certification and IOT testing
  • Field and VAS testing
  • Device Boot loaders and Boot sequences
  • Integrating Memory devices and drivers
  • Instrumentation Sensors
  • Power Management
  • Display drivers, Touch controllers
  • Camera drivers and tuning
  • Audio devices drivers
  • Modem Integration and Communication Devices
  • Augmenting platform’s HAL layer
  • Integration of audio/video codecs and accelerators
  • Native app integration
  • Widget development
  • Application development
  • Chipsets vendor platforms – TI, Freescale, ST-Micro, NXP, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom
  • Operating systems/Platforms
    • Linux, Windows7, REX, Nucleus
    • Android, Windows, iOS

Android Stack