Internet Of Things

Our IOT Offerings

ID - Mechanical

  • ID for IOT devices, Electro-Mechanical-RF consideration
  • Mechanical design, Rapid prototyping, Tooling
  • Reliability and Mechanical durability testing and mass production


  • Low power base band board design – Includes Analog and Digital Circuits
  • Low power RF board designs


  • Drivers development for PIC based Micontrollers and ARM Controllers
  • BSP, Drivers, Power Optimization
  • RFID – Drivers development and Frequency optimization
  • BLE – Drivers developments, Development and integration of BT profiles
  • WLAN - Drivers development
  • Android, IoS application development to access the BLE sensor node data

Server Based Solutions

PHP, .NET, Phyton, Ruby On Rails – Backend server solution development

Chipset Platforms worked on

Reference Platforms

  • Nordic BLE controller
  • TI BLE controller
  • Dialog Semiconductors DA14580

Projects Handled

  • Designed and developed sensor nodes on TI, Nordic and Dialog BLE platform
  • Integrated Thermal, Light, Humidity and pressure sensors on the boards
  • Integrated Microcontroller for additional capabilities
  • Accomplished low power consumption accomplishing less 100 nA current during sleep conditions

  • Designed and developed microcontroller based energy meters to measure low RF harvested energies

  • Designed and developed microcontroller based energy RF energy source to energize RF energy harvesters